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Core 2 Duo Computer   : Rs. 11,000/-  ( One Year Warranty ) Configuration :- 2 GB RAM, 160/250 GB Hard Disk, 15 ” LED Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse. 2. Dual Core Computer     : Rs. 10,000/- ( One Year Warranty) Configuration :-  1 GB RAM, 160/250 GB Hard Disk, 15 ” LCD Monitor, Keyboard,

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1. Certification in Computer Hardware & Networking Course Rs. 5,000/- ( Duration :- 3 months ) [ 2 days in a week ] Brief Content :- Computer Architecture, Switch Mode Power Supply, Motherboard, Microprocessor, HDD, ODD, Pen Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer, Modem, Thorough Assembling, BIOS, CMOS Setting, HDD formatting & Partitioning, Installation of different

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The most effective method to utilize Msconfig In Windows to Speed Up Windows Startup :- When we begin our Windows PC then numerous different projects likewise begin alongside the framework. Some of them are vital framework programs that are needed for an effective Windows startup while some are superfluous and can be avoided.   As

Common Laptop Problem

Screen issues In the event that a screen gets harmed its not the end of the laptop, and it is generally a straight forward occupation to supplant the screen or illuminate the issue. A broken screen is very basic and effectively done probably the most well-known ways this happens are : Dropping the laptop or

Common Desktop Problem

Regular Desktop hardware issues Hardware issues  The following is a more definite rundown of the regular hardware issues that may happen with desktop PC’s occasionally it might be a mix of things that are creating the issue. Hard drive crash Ordinarily there is no pre-warning when a shortcoming happens with your hard drive, it just