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The most effective method to utilize Msconfig In Windows to Speed Up Windows Startup :-

When we begin our Windows PC then numerous different projects likewise begin alongside the framework. Some of them are vital framework programs that are needed for an effective Windows startup while some are superfluous and can be avoided.


virus problem

virus problem

As we introduce more applications on the PC, the startup time increments and the PC gets to be slower on the grounds that numerous projects add themselves consequently to the startup list. Along these lines, the outcome is moderate Windows startup and a moderate PC generally. So how would we deal with the issue ? Indeed, Windows accompanies a System design utility (MSCONFIG) which can help us resolve Windows startup issues. You can stop a couple of pointless projects from beginning up while stacking Windows.

This method anyone can use  in all the three versions of Windows and that is Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (all version).

1.  Start your computer and check out which programs load automatically which you don’t require (ex – MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype etc ). Such programs can always be manually started later when you need them.
2. Click start button start and go to Run (by entering “Run” on the search box) or pressWindows Key +R button.

3. Type msconfig on Run panel which will be in the box.

msconfig to repair


4.  Your System Configuration will be open. Now click on to the Startup tab (the fourth one) at the top.

system config image


5.  Presently you can see all the startup projects of your Windows Computer or Laptop. Framework setup likewise demonstrates to all of you the essential data viewing startup projects, for example, name of producer, registry of document stacking amid startup.

In the event that you would prefer not to run pointless projects which you may not utilize every now and again like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Yahoo delivery person that startup with windows, you can uproot them by unchecking the crate by project name.

Try not to attempt to disable any obscure project or any system you are not certain of by utilizing MSCONFIG. Couple of projects are exceptionally important to run while beginning windows. Just disable those projects which you believe are pointlessly influencing Windows startup speed.

6. After de-selecting  all the required boxes click on OK button. It will give you prompt to restart your computer. Click on Restart button. You can also exit without restart and continue doing your work or restart after doing some work as you required. Later when you restart the system, changes will be effected and you should see a faster,speeder,fast internet computer or laptop that you are using.

restart icon image

And that’s complete your work. You should now see a good improvement in the loading time of your Computer or Laptop when you restart the system.

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