Are your PCs demonstrating peculiar lead inside the working framework? Do they have significantly direct execution? Are there non-responsive applications? These are likely symptoms of PC viruses. Viruses are an extraordinarily consistent issue with PCs. Heartbreakingly it is extremely easy to get a virus by essentially setting off to a website.

virus problem

virus problem


Malware (or noxious software) is a typical issue tainting numerous PCs. Malware – or vindictive software. A few samples of regular malware are worms and Trojan stallions. Malware frequently contaminates your PC through email connections, downloads and utilizing record imparting programs. The seriousness level of malware can extend anyplace from contaminating one record to annihilating your whole hard circle. It is frequently hard to dispose of malware. it has the apparatuses to dispose of malware on your business PCs by running a working framework restore, or wiping and reinstalling your whole working framework.


Spyware is most likely the most widely recognized PC issue. You can pickup spyware on your PC from pretty much anything, even from simply skimming the internet. Following treats can frequently be considered spyware, particularly when they live in the PC registry. The most well-known indication of spyware is a critical log jam of your PC’s execution. Likewise, you may perceive new programs that you didn’t install on your PC, or your internet browser acting in an unexpected way. We  can evacuate spyware on your PCs and set up a security firewall generally and on your network. We’ll likewise install spyware closing software to keep spyware off of your PCs for good.

Easy Anti-Virus Solutions For Your Business :-

1.  Simple set-up

2.  Automatic updates

3. Auto-scheduled scanning

4. Auto USB infection checking with removal

5. Automatic virus quarantine and virus removal


Detection and Removal of Malware

Our experts technician  utilize the latest techniques and programs to find and remove viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and key loggers from your system.

Some typical sources of a virus, worm, trojan, spyware or keylogger infection ( Be Careful) :-

  • Other infected software
  • Security breach (Application claims for security)
  • Operating system is missing
  • Email attachment
  • Infected WEB site

Contact us if you are infected or not sure.


virus infection

virus problem

We will sort-out whether virus, worm, trojan, spyware or keylogger has infected your computer. We also give remote, on-site and in shop support services to repair the problems caused by malicious software. Do not format your hard drive and lose your valuable data, pictures, music and other files because we can remove almost 100% of infections. To help protect your Pc  from future infections we can install protection software at a reasonable cost.
Your computer will then be operating in a safer and more secure way.

Common symptoms of a virus, worm or trojan infection :-

1. The computer runs slower than usual or stops responding for a long time.

2.  Your computer crashes frequently or sometimes and then restarts on its own.

3. Some programs working improperly.

4.  Your present anti-virus program will not start, or  is disabled or will not update.

5.  New icons or programs appear that are unrelated to programs that you installed in your computer.

6.  Warning messages, errors and advertisements pop-up or some spam messages.

7.  Cannot access your hard drive or printer or network resources.

8.  Huge increase in the amount of traffic on your network. ( very very common in corporate network where more than 50 computers, laptops, servers are running at a time) and the result is it reduces total network/internet speed although you have purchased good /dedicated /high bandwidth internet line.

Contact us now to remove the virus, worm or trojan from your computer. laptops, servers and also from total network set-up.


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