Normal software issues

Issues with software vary some what than issues with hardware, a great deal of the time the issue can be determined by evacuating the program and re-installing it, (be cautious with this system as imperative documents can be lost if not done appropriately) here and there it isn’t so much that straightforward !


The following is a couple of the more normal issues I have experienced :-

Windows won’t begin

Normally you get a message saying a windows document is missing or corrupt,  yet windows won’t begin what do I do to alter it ?

This is some of the time straight forward to repair and simple in the event that you comprehend what your doing,  yet in the event that you are uncertain don’t endeavor it, it can bring about designing the hard drive in the event that it isn’t done right,  your most logical option is to contact me and let me deal with it. There are various different reasons why windows won’t begin I would recommend reaching me to get it running once more.

Windows is slooooooooow

Windows is moderate to begin or to close down, this could be various issues and I would suggest booking your PC in for an intensive output and a tune up to get it running appropriately. I prescribe my PC Health check Software can hoard framework assets on the off chance that it is not working legitimately importance an endless diminishment in the PC speed and everything requires some investment to happen, I can rapidly diagnose what the issue is and prevent it from happening. Infections and malware can have this impact on framework assets.

Windows POP ups or Error Messages

These are irritating and appear to happen at the most badly arranged time, they can bring about the program you were simply chipping away at to end up inert and quit working or more awful case situation turn the PC of ‘to ensure windows’. These are brought about by various things and can as a rule be effortlessly sorted to stop them happening later on.

pc not work

Windows passwords

Overlooked your windows secret word ? Try not to stress I can help you get signed on without needing to re-install windows and lose all your vital information.


I can assist get you set up with your email whether you would rather utilize Outlook or a comparable program or access it through the internet. I can likewise prompt you on the most proficient method to get your own area to set up your remarkable individual email address (e.g.

Internet Access

Internet not meeting expectations this could be either a hardware or software shortcoming, most regularly it  is software, I can diagnose the issue and get you surfing the web quickly.

slow internet

Other software

Shockingly there is such a large number of diverse software’s presently being distributed on the web, I don’t have the foggiest idea about the hotels and outs of every program, I do however have a diagnostic personality and given 10 minutes I can as a rule make sense of most software and how they function, including how to get them to do what you need it to.
Installing software

I can install new software guaranteeing it is situated up legitimately and taking a shot at your framework. I can likewise help prescribe any new software and manage authorizing and some other issues that may occur.

Software preparing

I offer preparing in how to utilize PCs, internet utilization, email, how to utilize certain software, amongst different things, so if your battling I can encourage get you up to speed and doing it like an expert !

Apple software

Converse with any apple Macintosh client and they as a rule say – My macintosh never crashes or  I don’t get pop ups, which normally brings about a macintosh versus windows arguement. Macintoshes have some they could call their own issues, however most macintosh clients resolve these them selves without figuring it out. I can help resolve any issues that may occur.

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